Security Services


This procedure describes the activities followed by the Security personnel at Tirupati Group in following areas.

  • Material Movement - Incoming/Outgoing
  • Personnel - In/Out
  • Wathc And Ward The Company Premises.
  • First Aid And Fire Fighting
  • Night Petrolling
  • General

Details of Inward / Outward Register.

  • Date
  • Challan no / Date
  • Party name
  • Material description
  • Challan quantity
  • Receipt quantity
  • Vehicle no. (If applicable)
  • Verified – Security guard signature


In the case of the incoming material security personnel shall collect the delivery challan at the gate and shall obtain the permission of the stores section before allowing the vehicle/materials inside the factory. Before allowing the material inside the factory, security shall check whether the material brought is as per the delivery challan description.


Security personnel are to ensure that all the material going outside the factory is with the relevant supporting documents. On verification of the supporting documents, out ward register entry has to be made before the material goes out. In case of any dispute security person shall inform the stores in charge on the spot, for decision.

Material going on delivery challan can be classified in to two category i.e. returnable and non returnable. In the case of returnable materials the same has to be entered in the outward register with a remark of returnable and materials not returned in the stipulated time has to be reported in writing to the personnel and admin section.


Company Workmen & Staff

Security personnel at the gate shall enter the timing of all the company workmen and staff members in the attendance cards during their entry to the factory for duty and while going out after their duty hours as per the shift notice. Attendance cards, which are not relevant to the shift at any given time, shall be removed from the ‘card rack’ and shall be kept separately under the custody of the security. Company employees who come to the factory apart from their shift hours shall be allowed only on visitor gate pass/or entry in the register.

Contract Employees / casuals

Company will issue the temporary entry gate pass to contract employees and casuals, who comes for the work of incidental nature indication its validity. It is compulsory to wear the gate pass at the time of entry to the factory for duty and produce the same for verification, on demand to security personnel.

Security personnel have to make an entry in the attendance cards of entry/exit time in respect of contract workmen as per the requirement, intimated by the personal and admin section. In the case of casual workers who come for work of an incidental nature, the security personnel have to enter their name in the register kept for the casual labour. Before allowing the casuals inside the factory, concerned Sr. officers at the factory are to be informed and permission has the obtained over phone.

Security shall keep the proper record of the tools/spare parts, brought by the maintenance personnel or the civil work contractors. All materials coming inside the factory for such works which is not of returnable in nature, should be entered in the material inward register and supporting documents should be handed over to the stores as in the case of other incoming material inward register and supporting documents should be handed over to the stores as in the case of other incoming material.

Like company employees all casuals, workers on job contract and civil work shall be frisked at the time of their exit after their duty hours. IN case of any malpractices observed the same shall be immediately reported to the personnel and administration.

Company Visitors

No visitors are allowed to the factory without visitors’ gate pass of the company. Before issuing gate pass, security has to inform the concerned office of the company to whom the visitors intend to meet. On refusal security should not issue the visitors gate pass to the visitor. If the visitor coming with some articles/instruments, the same shall be noted in the visitor’s gate pass and should crossed at the time of visitor’s exit.

Security has to collect the visitors’ gate pass when the person goes outside the factory and should verify whether the concerned officer of the company signs the gate pass.


Security should be able to operate the fire fighting equipments and should be able to provide first aid to the employees who meet with accidents. The trainings for such kind of activities is provided by our security supervisors on periodic basis


Issue of the keys: Security shall issue the keys to the different sections only after obtaining signature in the register maintained at the security gate. Securities are to ensure that all the keys so issued are collected back after the closing hours of concerned sections.

Security guards should be so vigilant to ensure security to the belongings of the company round the clock. In case of emergencies during night shift, watchman shall contact the security manager at his residence immediately. Security personnel at the gate are responsible for sounding the bell as per the work instruction form time to time.