Staffing Services

TISPL as a Temp/Contract Staffing Solution Provider

TISPL is providing integrated solutions for temp staffing/contract/ staff outsourcing for various segments of industry and corporate. TISPL provides Human resource to various companies who want to outsource their certain non core activities to some agencies, so that they can focus on their core activities. TISPL combines various activities related to providing required Human resource by taking care of their sourcing, documentation, managing activities , complying their statutory, payroll processing and their replacement whenever required. TISPL focus is to understand its client’s needs and fulfilling them in most efficient manner and lowest possible cost

How It Works ??

  1. TISPL and the Client company sign a service level agreement.
  2. The Employee and the TISPL have an employment relationship.
  3. The Employee provides services to the client.

The relationship between the client and TISPL is captured in a Client Service Agreement (CSA). The CSA establishes a three party relationship whereby TISPL acts as the employer of the contracted employee who works at the clients premises.


  1. Sourcing of candidates (Through our strong database and network of sourcing team)
  2. Selection as per clients parameter
  3. Joining Formalities ( Appointment letter, I-Card, Opening of Bank ac, Welcome letter, ESIC and PF registration)
  4. Documentation ( Employees ID Proof, Address Proof, Education certificate, personal details, verification etc.)
  5. Managing attendance and leave records
  6. Payroll Processing( Salary register, pay slips, TDS, PF, ESIC etc.)
  7. Disbursements of Salary & Reimbursements
  8. Statutory Compliances (PF, ESIC, PT, MLWF, Labor Act etc.)
  9. MIS requirements of the Clients (Employee Avg. Payout reports, turnover reports etc.)
  10. Filling up of Vacancies in case of employee turnover on timely basis )
  11. Taking care of left employees formalities ( Full & Final settlement, PF withdrawals, Experience letters etc.)
  12. To take care of employee grievances and helping them in their claim settlement process from PF & ESIC

Clients Benefit From Temp Staffing

  • TISPL lets Corporate focus on their core business activities.
  • Timely sourcing of workforce for clients (as TISPL’s core activity is to source people)
  • We address the complexities of dynamic and complex type of requirements of manpower by continuously developing required database of people.
  • Take care of cumbersome process of various statutory compliances and processes related to PF,ESIC, PT, LWF, Labor Act, Minimum wages Act etc.
  • Take care of payroll records related to their salaries, leaves, disbursements of wages, bonus, loans, reimbursements etc.
  • Client is more flexible in expending its operations without botheration of fixed manpower cost and can reduce the manpower cost in time of uncertainty without any legal hassles.
  • Temp Staffing cost of employee is always as per market standards and remain competitive as compared to keeping employee on permanent basis.
  • TISPL provides logistic support in managing largely dispersed staff at multiple locations in India by adhering to the local laws, timely disbursement of salaries and taking care of compliance related to employees.
  • Temp staffing provides better quality and more efficiency in lower ranks due to competitiveness in job.
  • Temp staffing helps in shrinking hidden HR and administrative costs.


  • We understand client’s requirements and find suitable solutions by matching with their expectations and budgets.
  • Our processes are time bounded.
  • We are focused and specialized in sectors like infrastructure, engineering, hospitality, retail, banking & finance this helps us in understanding & meeting our clients requirement with more efficiency
  • We have a dedicated team of professionals from our targeted industry. This helps in meeting ends of clients and candidates requirements efficiently.
  • Take care of payroll records related to their salaries, leaves, disbursements of wages, bonus, loans, reimbursements etc.
  • Our expertise knowledge in statutory compliances and good network with government departments.
  • We believe in efficiency and preciseness. We adopt latest procedures and technology by continuously upgrading our in house software to integrate processes.
  • We have the best networking in the industry to take care of bulk requirements and compliances in shortest possible time.
  • TISPL believes in trust and transparency and works towards clients profitability.
  • Our inter divisional support for carrying on various services instead of depending upon outside agencies.